Eurovision Media Services (EMS), the business arm of the European Broadcasting Union, led a discussion on over-the-top (OTT) platforms at this year’s SVG Europe SportTech Conference.

The rise of OTT platforms over the last few years and the increasing desire of sports federations to launch their own OTT services to capitalise on their sports rights reveals how much the internet is now shaping televised sports. Eurovision Media Services (EMS) presented a keynote speech and moderated a panel discussion on the transformative OTT sports market at this year’s SVG Europe SportTech Conference in London, United Kingdom.

Eurovision Media Services (EMS) partners with sports federations and broadcasters to help them maximise the reach of their content and develop new ways to reach audiences while minimizing impact on traditional revenue streams. This includes advising on digital strategies and offering solutions to publish their content across different channels (e.g. television, OTT, web and social media).

“We know that sports federations have complex ecosystems with multiple stakeholders – not only broadcasters and fans, but also athletes, clubs, and sponsors. Each group has their own interests and require different types of access to available content. Having a content strategy is key to success and we encourage our partners to start with this. Once they define how they want to proceed and the content they want to publish on different platforms, we help them to shape and deliver this content in a linear and non-linear way,” said Michele Gosetti, Head of Global Sales at EMS, in his introduction to the topic.

The panel discussion, led by Louis Matignon, Multiplatform Solutions Manager at EMS, focused on taking a closer look at why and how companies develop their own OTT platforms. Most cited the need to share their content across different channels to reach new audiences who want to view content online in addition to more traditional outlets, such as television. In terms of developing their own platforms, panellists pointed out that it was important to have a clear strategy and work with the right partners to ensure that the best content for each channel makes it out to audiences on time.

Panellists included:  Tracey Keenan (World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.), Peter Bellamy (NeuLion), Russel Byrne (English Football League) and Simon Frost (AWS Elemental).

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